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Odessa to Kiev Ukraine Peace Walk 1988

This post is prompted by the recent civil unrest and uprisings (collectively referred to as Euromaidan) in Kiev and other cities and regions of Ukraine, involving violent protests against and their violent suppression by the government.

Regardless of which side started first or is most at fault, violent means of resolving conflict inevitably cause suffering, shatter dreams, and take a toll in human lives – the lives of someone’s friend, spouse, brother, sister, parent and child. For someone, the price paid for effecting change is always too high.

In such times especially, it is important to remember that all human beings are related, all are brothers and sisters in some degree, and all can be looked upon and treated with compassion, whether they deserve it or not. This film is a reminder that peace among people of different nations is indeed possible.

We hope for a resolution of the situation in Ukraine as long as it is achieved through non-violent means, and serves to promote the welfare of the majority of the country’s population.

Featuring the Great Soviet / American Peace Walk 1988: A full-length documentary about the 1988 American-Soviet Peace Walk from Odessa to Kiev, Ukraine.

The Walk was organized by International Peace Walk, Inc (IPW) in collaboration with the Soviet Peace Committee and other organizations.

This documentary is produced by Bernie Rosen and edited by Andy deBruyn of Solid Color Productions. It is “dedicated to the memory of Charles Kikuchi.”

The 1988 Walk followed on the heels of the hugely successful American Soviet Walk “to end the arms race nobody wants” from Leningrad to Moscow, Russia in the summer of 1987.

Both the 1987 and the 1988 American-Soviet peace walks were directly associated with and inspired by the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament. In the Great Peace March, several hundreds of American citizens traveled 3000 miles on foot from Los Angeles, California to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness to the dangers of the nuclear arms race.

This material is intended for non-commercial, educational purposes only, in the name of peace, one step at a time.


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