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“Two countries—the United States and Russia—hold the vast majority of the world's nuclear weapons. The former Cold War foes account for 93 percent of the total global stockpile. And more than two decades after the end of the Cold War, the two countries still keep nearly 2,000 nuclear weapons on high alert, ready for immediate launch against each other. That leaves both countries too vulnerable to nuclear launch by accident, miscalculation or even cyber attack.”

-- The Nuclear Threat Initiative

This project is dedicated to the cause of peace and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).  At the heart of Our Move is the story of the American-Soviet citizen diplomacy movement, including the historic joint peace march in 1987 and other marches like it, which preceded or followed in its steps. 

Our Move was established in 2011 in Washington, but the idea for the project goes back at least a decade.  Indeed, the principles, events, and accomplishments from which the project draws inspiration go further back in time, and reach across state and national borders.  Major elements of the project stem from collaboration among American and former Soviet citizens, who have walked the Walk, and have first-hand experience of participating in citizen diplomacy initiatives.


By helping to share these experiences, we hope to support social connections and knowledge exchange between those who have played a part in the American-Soviet peace movement in the later phases of the Cold War era, and the next generation of engaged citizens and future advocates for peace and WMD nonproliferation.

We hope that sharing the story of this movement will inform and inspire future efforts to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons through peaceful initiatives and citizen diplomacy. 


There are many ways to get involved — you never know what a simple contact or partnership might achieve.  A better world is indeed possible.

Our Premise


At crucial times in human history any initiative that serves to promote mutual trust and understanding is of great importance.  We believe that mutual trust and understanding may be effectively promoted through citizen diplomacy.

Our Mission


To be the best place on the Web for learning about the American-Soviet citizen diplomacy movement.  We support citizen diplomacy through electronic publishing and preservation of historical materials, by facilitating collaboration, and by engaging in educational outreach in the name of peace and WMD nonproliferation.


Our Methods


Electronic Publishing — Researching, organizing, and publishing information about the peace movement in the Our Move Archives: check out our videos on our YouTube channel, photos in our Flickr albums, and print materials in our Scribd library.


Collaboration — Supporting a network of those with a shared interest in the peace movement.


Outreach — “Walking the talk” through education and public service.

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